The goods available through our webpages may be purchased by legal entities and private individuals, subject to compliance with the rules set out below.


  1. The Consumer orders the products and services offered by the Seller through the shopping system at www.straignten-up in writing: via e-mail (including orders via e-shop) or postal service.

    The order thus placed shall be deemed binding and, pursuant to Act No. 108/2000 on Consumer Protection in Doorstep and Distance Selling, as amended, it constitutes a distance contract.

  2. In each individual order the Consumer shall indicate his/her forename and surname, postal and billing address, telephone and fax number and e-mail; legal entities and self-proprietors shall also indicate their business registration number (or equivalent thereof) and VAT identification number (where applicable), name of the goods, description of the goods, number of pieces, and the date of order (all orders placed via e-shop meet these requirements automatically).

    Under Act No. 428/2002 on Personal Data Protection, these data shall only be used for the purposes of the business transaction between the Seller and Consumer and shall not be divulged to third parties (except for the shipper).

  3. The business relationship between the Seller and Consumer is formed upon registration of the order in the Seller’s system at which point the Seller shall contact the Consumer via e-mail and inform the Consumer of the possible delivery/pick-up time, the final price and the method of payment. From this point on, the order becomes binding on the Consumer.

  4. The Consumer may cancel the order without a charge only in the course of the day when the Seller contacts the Consumer for the first time, i.e. on the day when the Seller verifies the order with the Consumer. The order may be cancelled solely in writing (by fax or e-mail). The Seller shall confirm the cancellation to the Consumer also in writing. The written form is required in order to capture cancellation in a printable format and suspend the handling of the cancelled order.

Delivery Periods

  1. Delivery periods vary depending on the type of the product involved. The delivery or pick-up time shall always be communicated to the Consumer at the stage of order verification.

  2. In general, the delivery or pick-up period spans from 7 to 30 days from order verification.

  3. In exceptional cases, when certain types of goods are out of stock and cannot be promptly procured from manufacturers or importers, delivery periods may be longer.

Price, Terms of Payment and Shipping Costs

  1. The price of the product is specified in the Seller’s pricelist. The prices contained in the pricelist may be subject to change without prior notice. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices as a consequence of changes in the prices of manufacturers, importers, etc. The price of the product shall always be communicated at the stage of order verification.

  2. The Consumer may pay the purchase price in cash, by credit card, or by wireless transfer/deposit to the Seller’s bank account.

  3. Upon receipt of the product the Consumer pays the price for the product + shipping costs.

  4. The Consumer selects the mode of delivery directly in the order placed either through the e-shop or another type of communication. The Consumer may select the following mode of delivery:

    • by postal service
  5. Shipping costs shall be communicated to the Consumer at the stage of order verification; where applicable, the Seller will recommend to the Consumer cheaper delivery options.

Receipt of the Goods

  1. The Consumer agrees to receive the goods within the agreed delivery period at the address specified in the order.

  2. On receipt of the goods, the Consumer shall check the physical intactness and completeness of the shipment. If the shipment shows signs of damage or destruction, the Consumer shall not accept it; instead, the Consumer shall promptly contact the Seller and execute a Shipment Damage Protocol with the shipper. No subsequent complaints regarding the quantity of the product or damage thereto shall be accepted.

  3. The Consumer acquires full title to the product upon payment to the Seller’s bank account of the purchase price and other monies agreed upon in the distance selling contract. Until the full title has passed from the Seller to the Consumer, the Consumer, who is in possession of the product, shall have the duty of care and shall, at his own cost, safely deposit all products and services concerned and mark them in a manner enabling their clear identification as Seller’s products.

  4. The Seller may demand the performance of contractual obligations, in particular payment of the price for the products and services concerned, irrespective of whether or not the title thereto has passed to the Consumer.

  5. The risk of damage to the product passes to the Consumer upon receipt of the product by the Consumer or his agent.

Withdrawal from the Contract

  1. The Consumer may cancel the order without a charge only in the course of the day when the Seller contacts the Consumer for the first time, i.e. on the day when the Seller verifies the order with the Consumer. The order may be cancelled solely in writing (by fax or e-mail)

  2. The Consumer may withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 calendar days of the goods’ receipt. The withdrawal must be in writing and must contain all the information necessary to identify the product, consumer and seller, and must be delivered, together with the product, within the time limit specified above, to the Seller’s registered office at the Consumer’s cost and responsibility. The cost associated with the return of the product shall be borne by the Consumer.

    The product must not be damaged or used and must be in the original packaging; together with the product the Consumer shall return all documents concerning the product (user manual, warranty certificate) which he received upon purchase of the product. The Consumer agrees and acknowledges that the term ‘written form’ for the purposes hereof means a letter of withdrawal signed by the Consumer.

    The product for return may not be sent on a C.O.D. basis. Such deliveries shall not be accepted and shall be returned to the sender.

  3. If the Consumer complies with the aforementioned obligations, the Seller shall accept the returned goods and, within 15 days of the contract withdrawal date, the Seller shall return to the Consumer in a manner agreed upon in advance the price paid for the product or service or any advance(s) paid by the Consumer for the product and service.

  4. The buyer may not withdraw from the distance selling contract in particular in the following cases:

    1. if the contract also involves the provision of a service the performance of which has begun prior to the expiry of the time limit for withdrawal from the contract
    2. if the contract is for the sale of products or services the prices of which depend on financial market fluctuations which cannot be controlled by the Seller
    3. if the contract is for the sale of a product manufactured to the Consumer’s specific requirements or a product designed specifically for a particular Consumer or a product whose properties make its return impossible.
  5. If the Seller accepts the Consumer’s request for withdrawal from the contract after the expiry of the 14-day period, the Seller may request the recovery of the costs incurred plus a penalty of 10 percent from the invoiced amount.

  6. The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order (withdraw from the contract) of a part thereof if:

    1. the product is no longer manufactured or has ceased to be manufactured
    2. the product supplier’s price has changed
    3. the quoted/displayed price of the product was incorrect

Warranty and Service

  1. The specific warranty and service conditions are stipulated in the warranty certificates accompanying the products which the Consumer receives on purchase.

  2. In general and unless the warranty certificate specifies otherwise, the warranty period for the performance of consumer contracts is at least 24 months or its maximum duration shall by limited by the product’s use-before date. The consumer means any natural person who, when entering into and performing a consumer contract, is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business or profession. Only the goods purchased from and paid to the Seller may be subject to product complaint. When making a product complaint, the Consumer shall deliver to the Seller (insofar as the nature of the product so enables – built-in products) the product concerned, which must be clean, without mechanical damage, in original packaging, including the manuals, warranty certificate, invoice or another document evidencing payment for the product. In making the complaint, the Consumer shall follow the instructions for complaints specified in the warranty certificate.

  3. The entitlement to product complaint becomes void if its defect is due to mechanical damage, the operation of the product in unsuitable conditions, non-professional assembly, failure on the part of the Consumer or the person(s) performing assembly for the Consumer to respect the applicable technical standards, or due to unauthorised tampering. Any defects caused by natural disasters or inappropriate use or treatment of the product shall be exempt from warranty.

  4. When making a complaint, the Consumer is encouraged to inform the Seller by telephone that the product concerned is defective and describe how the defect is manifested. Based on that information, the Consumer will be advised on the subsequent procedure for complaint handling.

Final Provisions

  1. Depending on the nature of the product ordered, the Seller may invite the Consumer to perform personal inspection of the product and collect it person (this typically applies to more expensive products or products of bigger dimensions and/or heavier products). In all these cases the Consumer shall be contacted in order to agree on the procedure. Unless the parties agree otherwise, if the Consumer has already paid the purchase price, the purchase price shall be returned to the Consumer.

  2. The Seller reserves the right to change prices. If the price is changed, the Seller shall contact the Consumer who shall be entitled to cancel his order.

  3. The Consumer represents to have read these general terms and the rules for product complaints prior to filling in or placing his order and agrees to be bound by them.

    Without prejudice to other contract provisions, the Seller shall not be liable to the Consumer for any loss of profits or opportunities, nor shall he be liable for any indirect or consequential losses caused by negligence, breach of contract or otherwise.

    These general business terms and conditions have been formulated and laid down in good faith in order to meet all statutory requirements and regulate a correct business relationship between the Seller and Consumer. If the competent authorities of the Slovak Republic find certain provisions of these terms and conditions invalid or unenforceable, whether in whole or in part, it shall be without prejudice to the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions or parts thereof.

    These terms and conditions shall be without prejudice to the rights of the Consumer laid down in Act No. 634/1992 on Consumer Protection, as amended, and in Act No. 108/2000 on Consumer Protection in Doorstep and Distance Selling, as amended.

    The legal relations and conditions not expressly regulated herein, as well as any disputes arising from the breach of these terms and conditions, shall be governed by the respective provisions of the Civil Code or Commercial Code.

  4. The Seller and Consumer have agreed that they fully accept the distant mode of communication – by telephone, fax (including orders filled in by hand) or electronic means, in particular through electronic mail and the Internet – as being valid and binding for both parties.

    These Business Terms and Conditions enter into force as of July 1, 2011.